Towel Benefits
Dries coat incredibly FAST - Cuts drying time by more than half
Dries your pet Completely - Eliminates the need for blow-drying
Cleans wet or dirty paws in seconds - with or without water
Use Dry, slightly damp or with your favorite grooming aid
Won't stick to their coats, keeps it shiny and healthy
Safe for all Pets – Hypoallergenic and Anti-Bacterial
Holding up to five times more water than your basic cotton bath towel
Towel dries quickly – machine and dryer friendly

How to dry your dog fast?

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In The News

Renowned Pet Dog Towel Supplier Offering Different Kinds Of Microfiber Dog Towel In Quick Time

Drypet is one of the most trusted names among Dog Drying Towel providers in Canada. We offer high quality Quick Drying Towels for pet dogs to keep them completely warm & protected from moisture and wetness. With our Pet Towel you can ensure that your dog is completely dry after a bath, playtime or walk. The towels offered by us are absolutely anti-bacterial & hypoallergenic, soaks water immediately on contact. Our towels soak up to five times more water than an ordinary cotton towel.


We provide Microfiber Dog Towels in various sizes depending on your choice. Our Pet Drying Towels use an unique microfiber fabric which is instrumental in making your pet dry faster & easier. With our extraordinary Pet Dog Towels you can save an ample amount of time that goes into drying your favourite pet. Our towels have proved to be quite handy to our customers once their pets are back from evening walks, fun outings, swimming and lots more.

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