5 Things You Can Do with Your Dog in the Spring

Since the weather is starting to warm up, it is a good time to get out of the house and take part in some fun activities. Dogs love playing in the warm weather, so be sure to include your dog in some of these spring activities. Drypet has a few fun suggestions for things you can do with your dog during the spring months.

Hit the Dog Park

Walks are great, but there is just something about your dog getting to interact with other dogs that is exciting to him or her. Take some time out of your busy schedule to find a fun dog park in your area that you can bring your dog to. If it is nice enough, see if you can find one with a pond or other body of water that your dog can swim in with his or her new friends. Spend an hour or so letting them run and have a good time with their new friends on a nice afternoon.

Go on a Hike

Get out and explore nature with your pup with a nice hike through a local park or natural trail. Not only are hikes more fun than a random walk through your neighborhood, but you will both get to experience nature together. Allow your dog a little bit of freedom to explore while safely on the leash. You never know what kinds of things you and your dog will find on your journey. Just remember to bring water for both you and your pooch.

Take a Weekend Camping Trip

Now that the weather is better, it is a great time to go camping. What better way to celebrate spring than with a dog-friendly camping trip? Find a place where you can safely camp with your pooch. Make sure that you keep your dog leashed and with you during the trip for its own safety. Enjoy a weekend fishing, eating and telling stories by the fire, and playing with your pooch.

Go for a Swim

It isn’t quite warm enough for most humans to start swimming just yet, but dogs will love a nice dip in the pool, lake, or ocean. Bring toys for your dog to fetch out of the water and plenty of towels for drying off post-dip. For a fast drying experience, grab a Drypet dog towel, which can cut your drying time in half and get you home sooner.

Play in the Yard

Do you have a yard? If so, this is the perfect place to spend time with your dog this spring on days that you don’t really want to get out. Play fetch or run through the sprinklers with your pooch without ever leaving your home. If you have friends or neighbors with dogs, invite them over for a fun playdate.

Regardless of what you do with your dog this spring, he or she will just be glad to be included and spend time with you! So, make a little special time for your pup this spring!