6 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Dog in 2018

You may have already finished your list of New Year’s resolutions, but Drypet thinks you should consider adding one more thing to that list: adopting a dog. While there are always reasons why you should adopt a dog, 2018 is a special year as it is the Year of the Dog in the Chinese lunar calendar. Here are some reasons Drypet thinks you should consider adopting a dog in 2018.

  1. You’ll save the life of a dog

If you don’t follow through with any of your other New Year’s resolutions this year, you can still be proud of the fact that you saved a dog’s life in 2018. In fact, you may have saved the lives of two dogs: yours and the one who took his place at the shelter and had a chance to get adopted. With more than 2.7 million dogs being euthanized in shelters each year, you can do your part to save them by adopting a dog.

  1. You deserve unconditional love

While you are probably surrounded by people who love you frequently, nobody will love you like your dog does. The unconditional love that dogs provide should be something that everyone gets to experience.

  1. You’ll have someone to keep you company

Nobody likes to be alone all the time, and adopting a dog means that you don’t have to worry about that. Your dog will want to spend time with you, which can prevent depression and loneliness. Dog owners also tend to have higher self-esteems than people without dogs.

  1. Dogs are good for you

With numerous studies showing the benefits of owning a dog, it can be hard to deny that dogs are good for your health. Not only does dog ownership decrease your risk of heart disease, but it also helps relieve stress. People who own dogs are also said to live longer than those who don’t.

Children who are born into homes with dogs are less likely to develop allergies, and they are also more likely to have a strong immune system. For children with autism spectrum disorder, a dog can provide a non-judgmental companion, which helps boost social skills.

  1. You will get more exercise

Many people vow to get fit each year in their resolutions. Let your new dog be your motivation. Not only will a dog require exercise, you can find new, fun ways to get exercise with your furry new friend. Instead of hitting the gym every day, you can go on long walks, go swimming, and do all kinds of other fun activities. One that is becoming more popular is Dog Yoga, so see if you can find a Dog Yoga class near you for a fun switch up in you and your dog’s exercise routine.

  1. You’ll laugh a lot

Animals provide hours of amusement. While you might not be around for every moment of silly behavior your new dog will exhibit, you can be sure that you will spend a lot more of your time laughing and being happy.

Are you ready to bring a new pet into your home in 2018? If so, enjoy all these benefits—and the many others—that your pet will provide to you throughout its life!