Benefits of Pet Insurance pet insurance

If not, you should consider purchasing it. Here’s a few reasons why Drypet believes that pet insurance is a great option for all pet owners:

  • Having pet insurance gives you the ability to choose the best treatment for your sick or injured pet without being restricted by your financial means, because most insurance plans will reimburse up to 80 percent of your pet’s medical expenses after you meet your deductible.
  • Pet insurance allows you to pick your veterinarian, but still receive reimbursement for qualified expenses. You just get your pet the care it needs and send the vet bill to your insurance company.
  • You can get pet insurance for pets of any age or breed. While it is always a good idea to get pet insurance while your cat or dog is still young to get lower premiums and make sure your pet is covered in the event of an accident or illness, you can still get insurance on your pet when it is older.
  • Most pet insurance policies can be paid either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. This allows you to better budget your pet care costs, and you won’t be stuck scrambling to pay for the insurance each time a bill comes, because you can choose how you want to pay for the insurance.
  • Having pet insurance prevents you from pulling money out of a savings account in the event that anything happens to your pet.
  • >Pet insurance is likely to extend, and possibly save, the life of your pet. In some cases, owners are able to choose life-saving medical services in stead of euthanasia because they have pet insurance.
  • As veterinary costs continue to rise, you won’t have to worry about not being able to afford care for your pet, because you can be reimbursed for the treatments your pet receives.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

While every pet insurance company will operate in slightly different ways, pet insurance providers generally charge a small monthly (or otherwise divvied up) fee to help you pay for your pet’s medical expenses. Like human insurance, you may have a deductible you must meet before your insurance will start paying for expenses.

But, unlike health insurance for people, pet insurance doesn’t require you to keep track of co-pays and variable coverage amounts for different procedures. Instead, you pay your veterinarian like you normally would, and then submit your bill to the insurance provider for reimbursement on the products or services that your insurance provider has agreed to pay for.

Overall, the cost for pet insurance is well worth it if your pet needs life-saving medical treatment or suffers a severe injury. In some cases, pet insurance may be the only way you can prevent your cat or dog from being euthanized after an injury or significant illness diagnosis.