Fun Activities for You and Your Dog This Spring



As spring rolls back around, you and your dog will want to get back outside to enjoy the weather. If your dog is an adventure-loving hound, you won’t want them to miss out on some great spring activities. Drypet is here to tell you about some of the great things you can do with your dog as the weather starts to warm up.

Go Swimming

For dogs who love water, take this chance to go for a fun swim. Go the beach, a lake, or a creek, and let your dog splash about in the water to celebrate the warming of the weather. If you like to swim, go ahead and join in on the fun. If not, you can throw a ball in the water for your pooch to fetch or you can just monitor the fun from the sidelines. Save the swimming for warmer days if you are planning to join in on the fun. You should also have towels on hand, so your dog can dry off.

Go on a Hike

Find a park or trail where you and your dog can explore the area together. Leash up your pup and don’t forget that your dog will want to explore the trails just as much as you do. If your dog does well off-leash, this is also the perfect time to give your dog the chance to take a little jaunt on its own.

Go Camping

Spend the night in the wilderness with your pooch during a camping trip. While you grill hot dogs over an open flame and roast marshmallows for s’mores, your dog can be right by your side. During the camping trip, you and your dog can also participate in the previous two activities. Hiking, swimming, and fishing are all fun spring activities to enjoy while camping. Plus, it won’t be too hot to spend the night under the stars with your pup.

Go to the Dog Park

Dogs love the opportunity to play with other dogs off-leash. A trip to a local dog park is a great way to let your dog release energy without wearing you out, too. At the dog park, your dog will be able to socialize while romping and playing.

Go to Agility Lessons

Your dog might be itching to learn a new talent! Try your dog’s hand at agility lessons. If your pooch gets really good, you could even enter local agility competitions for a fun, competitive activity for you and your dog. An outdoor agility training course will also give both you and your dog the chance to enjoy the great weather that spring brings along.

Enjoy the changing of the seasons with man’s-best-friend. With all the fun activities that you and your dog can participate in this spring, there is no excuse for being trapped inside until summer. Get out and enjoy the spring with your dog.