How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding



As dog people, we love to include our dogs in all of our biggest moments. When it comes time to say, “I do,” many brides and grooms search for a way to include their dog in their weddings. DryPet has some tips on just how to include man’s best friend in one of the biggest days of your life.

Use Your Pet to Propose

Who can say no to a puppy proposal?! Hang a sign around your pooch’s neck and drop down on one knee in what is the cutest proposal to exist. You can even surprise your soon-to-be-fiancé with a new puppy and a proposal all at once. The best part is that you are including your dog in a huge moment.

Take Engagement Photos with Your Pooch

Include your pooch in your engagement photos for an extra special memento from the experience. Your dog can wear a cute sign or outfit to announce your wedding date or just be included in the family cuddles. Be a friend or family member with you to your session to watch your dog during the times they aren’t included in the photos.

Have Someone Bring Your Dog to the Ceremony

You are likely to be busy on your big day, so assign someone to bring your furry best friend to the wedding ceremony so they can bear witness to the day. If you have your dog at the ceremony, don’t forget to snap a couple of photos with them before heading out for the reception.

Make Your Dog Part of the Ceremony

Give your dog a job to do! Well-trained dogs make great ring bearers or flower girls. If you aren’t ready to give them that big of a task, put a sign around their neck and have someone you love walk them down the aisle.

If you choose to make your dog a flower girl, you can get them a flower collar and leash for a festive look. Ring bearer dogs can be put in dog suits; you can also tie the rings to your dog’s collar.

Have Something That Reminds You of Your Dog at Your Wedding

It may not be possible to bring your dog to your wedding. Don’t feel bad if your dog can’t be at your wedding. Instead, wear a necklace or cuff links with your dog on them. Including a photo of your dog at the reception can be fun, too. You can also add your dog into your wedding topper.

We hope that these ideas inspire you to find a way to include your furry friends in your special day. No matter how you incorporate your dog into your wedding, it is sure to be a good time!