Keeping Your Pet Safe Over the Holidays


One of the most magical times of the year is the holiday season. While it can be a great time of year for humans, it can be dangerous for dogs. Basic holiday decorations and foods can be hazardous for your dog. Drypet is here to keep your pet safe this holiday season.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are festive and beautiful, but this holiday tradition can cause problems for your four-legged family members. The scent and newness of a tree quickly attracts pets, so be sure that the tree is secured in its stand, so your pet doesn’t knock the tree over onto itself.

The water in the tree stand can be a problem for pets, too. This water will often contain fertilizers that can make your dog sick. Stagnant water is full of bacteria, which can also make your dog very ill.

The decorations on your tree can also be hazardous to dogs. Glass ornaments are easy to break, and dogs can ingest the broken glass and cause serious damage to their intestines. Plush and homemade ornaments made out of doughs can be enticing for dogs, and they can cause intestinal blockage. Tinsel can also cause intestinal blockages.

The electrical cords associated with Christmas lights can cause burns or electric shock to your dog should they decide to chew on them. Frayed electric cords can also start a fire in your home and cause a lot of damage.

Holiday Plants

Both holly and mistletoe are common holiday plants, but both can cause illness in dogs and cats. Mistletoe can cause gastrointestinal upset as well as cardiovascular problems. Holly can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea in pets. You may want to opt for faux versions of these holiday favorites.

Poinsettias, amaryllis, balsam, pine, and cedar are also troublesome plants. Pine needles, if eaten, can tear the lining of the intestines and stomach. Amaryllis and poinsettias are poisonous to dogs, too.

Holiday Scents

Candles and potpourri help make your home look and feel festive during the holiday season, but they can cause trouble when you have a dog. Dogs have been known to knock over lit candles and start fires. Potpourri smells good enough to eat, and dogs don’t know that it isn’t supposed to be food. The oils in potpourri can cause damage to your dog’s mouth, eyes, and skin. The solid pieces in potpourri can also cause intestinal blockage.

Holiday Food

The holiday season is a time for great food, but dogs can easily get into harmful foods that can make them sick or even kill them. Make sure to keep chocolate, foods containing xylitol, bones, animal fats, spicy food, and alcohol away from your dog. If you are looking for a human treat to feed your dogs, mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, and other vegetables are your best bet, but be aware that some veggies can cause problems for dogs as well. Do your research before feeding any human food to your dog this holiday season.

We know that you want to celebrate the holiday season with a happy, healthy dog. Drypet hopes these tips help you keep your dog safe this holiday season.