Top 10 Dog Names of 2018 dog names


When you get a new dog, one of the most fun activities is coming up with a name for your new pooch. Each year, there are some names that stand out to numerous dog owners, and they quickly become the top names of the year. What are the dog names that have stood out so far for 2018? Let’s take a look!

Top 5 Male Dog Names

Max—A strong name like Max, which can be short for Maximilian or Maxwell, is one that has become popular for dogs over the last few years. Depending on the long-hand name you choose for Max, your dog’s name could either mean “greatest” (Maximilian) or “great spring” (Maxwell).

Charlie—Generally a popular dog name, Charlie continues to make the list of top dog names for 2018 as well. Charlie, which means “free,” is a great name for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Short for Charles, Charlie is also a popular name for human males.

Bailey—Bailey has been a popular name for both male and female dogs for years. Male Baileys are known for their loyalty, and the name means “steward.”

Cooper—Cooper, which means “barrel maker,” has become a popular name for male dogs in 2017 and 2018. In 2018, Cooper also became the 84th most popular name for human males, too. Pet owners love that Cooper can easily be shortened to Coop, making a fun nickname for your pooch.

Buddy—Buddy rounds out the list of the top five dog names for 2018. Meaning “friend,” Buddy is a common name for dogs, because many people view them as friends more than pets. Commonly shortened to Bud, Buddy is one of those names that just feels right for a dog.

Top 5 Female Dog Names

Bella—Meaning “beautiful,” Bella is the most popular female dog name of 2018. Bella has been a popular name for female dogs ever since the Twilight books became wildly popular, but its popularity hasn’t seemed to fade like the books.

Lucy—Lucy, which means “light” in Latin, is a common name for female dogs. While Lucy is the 2nd most popular dog name for 2018, it is the 43rd most popular human female name for this year.

Daisy—Also the name of a flower, Daisy is an extremely popular name for dogs this year. Daisy means “day’s eye,” but it commonly evokes images of colorful flowers, which is extremely fitting for female dogs with big, colorful personalities.

Molly—Molly was a popular nickname for Mary throughout the middle ages, which probably explains it popularity as a human name. Molly has numerous meanings including “bitter,” “beloved,” and “marine.” As the 4th most popular female dog name in 2018, you should expect to come across many Mollys during your evening walks.

Luna—One of the most beautiful dog names for 2018 is Luna. Luna means “moon.” This name’s popularity can also be seen in human girls; it is the 22nd most popular human female name for 2018 as well.

Does your dog’s name make the list? Share your pooch’s name in the comments!