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Thanks for visiting Drypet.  La-Toya

Drypet understands the importance of keeping your dog dry because we’re pet parents as well. A Drypet towel is the ideal tool for making sure your dog is dry and clean in no time, so after a bath or that jog in the rain or the early morning trek through the snow, Drypet is the perfect choice.

Our towels have been helping pet owners and groomers with hygienic care and cleaning of their dogs for years.

Customer testimonials have indicated drying times being slashed from an hour to 20mins. This may vary depending on the thickness of your pet’s coat but it’s guaranteed to cut the drying time of any dog to a fraction of what it used to be.

At home we have a towel by the door so when Bella comes in we have it handy to wipe down her paws and coat. Drypet towels are super absorbant so all the excess water that ends up on the floor isn’t a problem and is easily soaked up. Next, we just hang to dry and we’re done!